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Finical Markets

Where those wanting to borrow money are brought together with those with a surplus of funds in financial markets

Spot Markets

The markets where assets are bought or sold for on-the-spot delivery. Also called "Cash Markets" or "Physical Markets"

Futures Markets

The markets where participants agree to by or sell an asset at a future date

Money Markets

Markets in which funds are loaned or borrowed for short period, less than a year. The instruments traded are have high liquidity and short maturities, like U.S Treasury bills, commercial paper, municipal notes, and repurchase agreements

Capital Markets

Markets for long-term debt and corporate stocks

Primary Markets

Markets where corporations raise new capital

Secondary Markets

Markets where existing securities are traded among investors

Private Markets

Markets where trades are negotiated directly between the two parties

Public Markets

Markets where standardized instruments are traded. (like stocks and bonds)

Financial Asset Markets

Markets that trade in stocks, bonds, notes, derivatives, and claims on real assets

Physical Asset Markets

Markets for products such as wheat, ore, autos, computers, machinery, corn...